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Product Range

Hotel Furniture

Commercial Space Furniture

Hospital Furniture

Finishing Materials

Work process

Project Review

With our dedicated and expert Engineering and Architecture team, you can gain insights and improve project performance. From in-depth analyses to practical suggestions, we offer our knowledge to maximize effectiveness, reduce risks, and boost project success.

Requirements Calculation

Our services for precisely calculating needs will help you streamline your project planning. We offer crucial data to guarantee resource optimization and project success, ranging from comprehensive assessments to precise estimates.

Purchase and Manufacturing

From sourcing to production, we provide seamless coordination and oversight to ensure efficient and cost-effective supply chain management.

Export and Shipping

We handle everything from paperwork to logistics management, making sure your items are delivered to their destination quickly and smoothly while minimizing the costs and risks.


We install the products we provide, together with our assembly team when required.

Why Mavared Project ?

At Mavared Project, our consistent commitment to delivering an excellent value proposition that is centered on our highly qualified Architecture and Engineering teams is what truly sets us apart. Our team is the backbone of our dedication to quality, possessing an exceptional depth of knowledge in all aspects of planning and post-construction design

Moreover, Mavared project offers a distinctive advantage in terms of seamless coordination. This advantage translates into smoother project execution and timely completion. By erasing communication gaps and streamlining decision-making processes, our team ensures that every facet of a project proceeds with utmost efficiency, underpinned by their wealth of industry insights and technical know-how.